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You feel like eating all that’s in your fridge after work because you skipped most – if not all – of your meals and snacks during the day!

Your hormones and your stress are messing with your body and are giving you that “muffin top” despite your trainings!

You don’t get to drink enough water because you’re running between meetings and in the end – coffee and wine are your main sources of fluid!

Your sleep is nothing like recovering because your brain can’t turn off at night!

You know it’s just a matter of time before you have to turn around your busy lifestyle into a healthier one, but you don’t know where to start because you’re busy achieve all your amazing career goals!


Despite these situations, how can you optimise your health AND body composition AND productivity?


If that resonates with you, my FoodIQ program is definitely a good first step! It’s literally a customized 30 days reset to jump start into healthier habits for YOU.


A big thank you to Claudine for her FoodIQ program which was decisive for me. I’m able to continue this beautiful journey towards my health and weight loss thanks to all your advices, your information, and your expertise. Thanks for your professionalism and this beautiful energy that lives within you!
– Nathalie Périard, business owner


Here’s what my program offers you :

  • a customized nutrition strategy, two email follow ups (VIP option with 2 additional coaching calls) ;
  • a participant workbook ;
  • a food journal ;
  • an exclusive access to my program application ;
  • a forum for all your questions shared with all participants ;
  • a lot of nutrition tips ;
  • many simple and delicious recipes ;
  • weekly calls using ZOOM platform ;
  • expert guest speakers on training, meditation, breathing, hormones and more ;
  • AND a lifetime access to my Facebook VIP community!


Obtain the following results if you follow your plan and apply the information and tools provided for 30 days :

  • 2-3x more energy
  • more restful sleep
  • 2x more productivity during daytime
  • body composition optimization : fat loss up to 2 lbs per week* and muscle gain

*Important : Weight/fat loss is unique to each of us and depends on our nutritional and health habits from previous years, certain medical conditions, and the participant’s commitment level. My program doesn’t guarantee any specific results since many factors are out of my control as a coach and health professional.


I lost 55 bs in 8 months with Claudine’s program and one on one coaching! Her help and expertise made all the difference in the world in my weight loss and heath journey. I put into application her principles up to this day!
– Carole Perron, retired et investor
Why my FoodIQ program? Simple. I’ve been coaching amazing human beings for 10+ years now, I’ve struggled with my weight, stress, and mental exhaustion many years and I guarantee you this : THERE IS NO ONE-FIT-ALL SOLUTION! We are all unique, and so we need a solution that is 100% personalized to our needs, our reality, and our goal!


So if you’re ready to reset your health and are really excited about reaching your goal, this is the perfect solution for you to start with!


I invite you to contact me so we can assess wether my online nutrition program is the right one for you or you can register directly just below!


Much love! Claudine xx

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