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Nutrition Coaching


My nutritional coaching is personalized according to your goal, your needs, your reality and your values.

My individual coaching is now offered exclusively through my RESET, PERFORMANCE, or PREMIUM programs because your success depends on it! I invite you to select from the different options on the sliding menu to read more about each program’s description.

Yes that’s right! It takes 21 to 66 days to anchor new habits and I want to offer you the best of my knowledge and support during this crucial period!

After 11 years coaching my clients, I decided to create programs that will make all the difference to achieve your goals and maintain them on the long run!

Our meetings will be done by:

  • Facetime
  • Other online applications of your choice.

After completing the assessment questionnaire when you check out, I will contact you to schedule our meetings according to the program you chose!

You have questions? I invite you to write to me at

Looking forward to collaborating on your success!

FoodIQ Fat Loss Nutrition Program


Now is always the right time to undertake a health goal AND nutrition accounts for 80% of the process…say what? [yes, true fact!] But I know what you’re asking yourself right now : where to start? what to do?

My FoodIQ Online Nutrition Program is a great first step! It’s literally a reset for 30 days to implement the right habits for YOU. It includes a personalized nutrition strategy, two follow ups, a daily nutrition tips, concepts, simple, and delicious recipes AND an exclusive access to my app and a lifetime membership [woot woot!] to my Facebook community. You will also be invited to join me to our weekly Facebook Lives!

Why my FoodIQ program? Simple. I’ve been coaching amazing human beings for 10+ years now, I’ve struggled with my weight and health for many years and I guarantee you this : THERE IS NO ONE-FIT-ALL SOLUTION! We are all unique, and so we need a solution that is 100% personalized to our needs, our reality, and our goal [promise from your nutritionist]!

So if you’re ready to reset your health and are really excited about committing and reaching your goal, this is the perfect solution for you to start with!

You’re still asking yourself questions? I invite you to contact me at and it’ll be my pleasure to assess wether you’re a good candidate for my online nutrition program!

Much love! Claudine xx

Nutrition Plan à la carte and Adjustments


My nutrition plans à la carte are customized to your purpose, needs, reality and values. By completing the questionnaire with your order, you will receive a complete nutritional strategy with personalized recommendations!

Next, your can do your follow-ups and adjustments by email. You can use these at the frequency that suits you! You can also decide to continue in individual coaching with me here 👉🏻 START A COACHING

You don’t know which coaching to choose and/or you have questions? I invite you to contact me here 👉🏻 CONTACT ME

40 Recipes E-Book (FR only)


The preparation of meals can become difficult with our busy schedules! We are always looking for simple, easy and fast recipes. My colleague and I decided to create 40 recipes that will make you want to cook again and eat well!

P.s. This ebook is available in French only but will be translated in English as soon as possible!

FREE Recipe Ebook December 2018


Here are 14 healthy, simple and delicious recipes featured in the first edition of my FoodIQ!

All recipes are analyzed according to my portion guide used in my programs and coachings. 

Bon appétit!


I offer multiple corporate activities to educate participants on how to optimize their health and nutrition.

I suggest the following themes :

  • Boost your productivity through health and nutrition
  • Fuel to better perform
  • Brain and nutrition
  • 5 phases of change to reach your full potential

Are you interested in my conferences?

For questions and quotes, I invite you to contact my agent Marie-Pierre Gravel of Agence Pierre Gravel at the email address or by phone at +1 (450) 372-7764 extension 230.