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Signature Coaching


My nutritional coaching is personalized according to your goal, your needs, your reality and your values.

This service is now offered exclusively through an Assessment and my monthly packages because your success depends on it!

Yes that’s right! It takes 21 to 66 days to anchor new habits, and more than 6 months to maintain them! I want to offer you the best of my knowledge and support during this crucial period!

After 13 years coaching my clients, I decided to create programs that will make all the difference to achieve your goals and maintain them on the long run!

Our meetings will be done by:

  • Facetime
  • Other online applications of your choice.

Between our sessions, you can choose a package that offers unlimited access to me for all your questions (PERFORMANCE & PREMIUM packages). All communication can be done through emails and text messages!

If you’re looking for an intense, accessible coaching that will allow to grow towards your goal, I invite you to contact me so we can book our call and chat!

Looking forward to collaborating on your success! Claudine xx